This is what I'm up to now-ish. My current plan is to update it monthly, or maybe quarterly.
I’m working on short stories. They are so hard. My writing habits are also currently terrible. More to come on that later.
I started a big declutter project, and when I say “I started," I mean I actually planned it out and have work going on it. I read that book everyone talks about and embraced the idea of decluttering by category. Right now, my living room is home to all my clothing. I have so many freaking clothes. As I was pulling items from hiding places and suitcases I didn’t know contained clothes (questionable storage skills here), I found things I hadn’t worn in a decade or more, but I still had them! I was tempted to start sorting into toss/donate piles, but I want to see how much I started with and how much I finish with. My goal is to get rid of 1/3 to 1/2 of my clothes, with a reach goal of 2/3. Since everything is in one place right now, it’s easy to see when I’ve eliminated enough. I’m also hoping that the sheer volume I own will dissuade me from keeping things for sentimental reasons.


I'm tired all the time! Between rowing, running, and the necessary strength-training and stretching/mobility that comes with staying injury-free, I have very little free time. My current goals are:
  • 2K erg test under 7:15
  • Get better early body preparation on the recovery
  • Stop dumping/rolling at the release
  • Pull blades out square at the finish (no washing out)
  • Roll up earlier when sculling (oddly not so bad when sweeping)
  • Keep shoulders relaxed/locked & loaded in sockets
  • Mile time under 5:10
  • 5K time under 17:30
  • 10K time under 36:30
  • Strengthen hamstrings (especially right one)
  • Strenghten glutes and hips muscles (especially right outside hip)